Underdog refers to a team or player that is expected to lose in a game. Although it’s an easy concept, understanding it when betting on sports is essential.

The term “underdog” has been around since 19th century, when it was initially employed in dogfighting to distinguish two teams that were likely to lose. Today, it’s also commonly used in sports to designate between a favorite and an underdog.

Betting on an underdog is an effective strategy to boost your winning chances. You could even place multiple underdog bets for a larger payout, but always ensure you are getting the best odds before placing any bets.

When placing an underdog bet, one of the key elements to consider is the significance of the game. This factor can vary based on whether it’s a friendly match, cup game, league match or championship.

Another factor influencing the size of an underdog bet is public interest. If the public tends to favor favorites, then bookies will adjust their lines accordingly. When a team has won several games in a row, people tend to place high hopes for them; therefore, bookmakers often increase their margins when placing bets on them.

You may find great value in underdogs when they are pitted against a popular favorite. In such cases, the public usually has more confidence in the underdog than they do of the favorite, potentially giving you better odds.

As the game draws nearer, the odds will change slightly. As more people place bets, the favourite’s odds will decrease and those for underdogs will rise.

Placing bets early in the week is recommended, as this will give you access to the best lines. Not only will this save you time, but it can also save you money in both time and money.

Additionally, watch for big spreads that move during the week as these can often indicate how much value an underdog offers.

College basketball often features large spreads that can fluctuate by several points. This presents an excellent opportunity to place bets before the game starts and potentially reap a substantial return when all is said and done.

Another useful tip for spotting underdogs is to keep an eye out for teams that are struggling to stay competitive. This could indicate they are depending on their own talent instead of that of their opponents to win the game.

You can identify underdogs by looking at their past record. If a team consistently wins against all odds, you know they’re likely to be successful when betting against them.