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Yesterday I spent a few hours escaping from the reality of life. I dove in and read a book for the afternoon. I've been so busy with work, school, family, life, I've put one of my greatest joys at the bottom of my list. As I sat on my couch, my eyes glanced over one of my favorite sites in my house: my bookshelves. I did a quick scan of all the titles and realized why today's novel was so enjoyable. On the shelves were many self-help, stories of inspiration, how to learn something or just be better books.  And then I laughed at myself. No wonder I was tired and needed an escape; I was exhausting myself just trying to constantly improve! That's not a bad thing, but even God says we need a day of rest. I just needed a day of rest from me! So I sank back down on my couch and went back to my fully engaged mystery, taking place in one of my favorite places, Italy. From there, I escaped from me and became an acclaimed professor traveling Europe, running away from bad guys and doing a darn good job of thinking quick on my feet.  Perhaps some of you want to escape on a country-wide adventure in an RV with your kids...It's not Italy, but there are nonetheless some amazing things to see...I recommend it.

<![CDATA[Adventure close to home]]>Sun, 05 May 2013 21:32:02 GMThttp://www.theroadscholarz.com/blog/adventure-close-to-home
I'm all about adventure, even the little things in life can be adventurous.  The road trip that the kids and I did took us through 19 states in three months, logging more than 10,000 miles. But that doesn't mean to get adventure you have to take a three-month road trip. I like the kind of adventure you can get in basically my own back yard too.  Take this weekend for example: at my daughter's elementary school on Friday night, we camped with about 50 other families on the school's lower field. At night there was a big BBQ, serving up some dogs and burgers, a movie on the outdoor screen began as the stars came out, and in the morning there was a wonderful pancake breakfast. Kids brought their bikes, sleeping bags, flashlights and had good 'ol fun, running around the "campground," making up their own adventures. I won't talk about that while walking to the bathroom at 2am, I heard more than one tent vibrating with a snoring camper. I get that kind of adventure at home too.
<![CDATA[The Big Apple and The Big Cheese]]>Sat, 04 May 2013 16:37:39 GMThttp://www.theroadscholarz.com/blog/the-big-apple-and-the-big-cheeseSounds like I'm eating large this coming week, and perhaps I will be.  Off to New York City for a fabulous women's conference followed by a trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home of the cheeseheads. I'll be speaking at a Good Sam's RV event there, excited to meet some more adventurers!]]><![CDATA[Let them eat cake]]>Mon, 15 Apr 2013 23:57:53 GMThttp://www.theroadscholarz.com/blog/let-them-eat-cakePicture
I'm so grateful for the grand turnout for my book's first launch party. It was wonderful to be in the Bay Area and surrounded by such an enthusiastic and very supportive crowd! Better than the book was the cake...The first launch was so fun, I'm really excited about the upcoming one this month in Coronado, CA. One thing I've decided about the whole experience? Writing a book, and putting it out there for the world to see, has been far scarier than the road trip ever was! Feels, as I can only imagine, a lot like running down the street naked. Thankfully, my neighbors have been spared seeing that in its literal form.

<![CDATA[Why should you drive in flip flops?]]>Thu, 14 Mar 2013 12:22:48 GMThttp://www.theroadscholarz.com/blog/why-should-you-drive-in-flip-flopsPicture
There's a chapter in my new book titled, Drive In Flip Flops. The back story behind the chapter title comes from a lesson I learned while on the road trip.  I realized, driving across the country, through big cities and down unknown roads, that my feet sweat when I'm scared. There was a lot of scary parts about our epic road trip, so I did most of driving in my flip flops as a means to battle fear.

I just returned from what could be described as a rather epic weekend in Winnipeg, Canada. I was booked as the keynote speaker for the Manitoba RV show there, but that wasn't the epic part (I mean it was, but it wasn't the only epic part..).

I spoke seven times and squeezed in a short segment on the local morning news show. Both of these events could have been flip flop events, but unfortunately wearing flip flops in 21 degree temperatures and snow doesn't really work. However, on the plane going up, I wore my boots, snow boots, and felt prepared for my environment...

From fear, I had to take my boots off three different times during my travel day north.  Why? I fly a lot, traveling is usually very exciting for me, no matter where the location, and I'm very comfortable in airports, making up stories about where everyone is going.  Today was different.

It was last minute that my 13-year-old daughter, Lilly, was able to join me on my business trip. As such, I was not able to get her on my same flight out to Winnipeg. Bravely, Lilly traveled alone: she flew from San Diego to LAX, found the shuttle that took her to a different terminal, went through security and barely made her flight to Calgary. There, she went alone through customs and found her next gate, catching her connecting flight to Winnipeg where I had already arrived.  

My fight was from SAN to DEN to Winnipeg, arriving three hours ahead of my daughter. By the time I saw her at Winnipeg airport, I had removed my boots three times, my socks wet from sweat, a product of my high anxiety and nerves from Lilly's solo flight. When I saw her make the turn and come down the stairs towards me at the airport, I burst into tears. The rest of weekend was nerve-wracking, but nothing compared to my "baby" traveling alone internationally.  Not only should I drive in flip flops, but I need to think about flying in flip flops as well.

<![CDATA[It's on Amazon and I'm headed to Canada]]>Tue, 26 Feb 2013 21:51:49 GMThttp://www.theroadscholarz.com/blog/its-on-amazon-and-im-headed-to-canadaPicture
It's been an exciting week as my book is now available on Amazon. Next week I head to the Winnipeg RV Show in Manitoba! I hear the "high" should be zero...I'm pulling out all my warmest of warm, hoping my body remembers some of my norcal roots, not that the Bay Area can even compare to a Winnipeg winter!

<![CDATA[On the road again!]]>Tue, 05 Feb 2013 11:02:01 GMThttp://www.theroadscholarz.com/blog/on-the-road-again1Picture
I'm excited to be packing up and heading out of town.  I'll be on beautiful Vancouver Island and then speaking at the Seattle RV show. Seems like life is making a complete circle with this Seattle RV show. When I was a kid, my parents took our family from the Bay Area to Seattle and back in an RV, my first RV experience.  Feels like a home-coming of sorts

AND, it's a big day-my book arrives! It should be up on Amazon soon, stay tuned...thanks for your support!

<![CDATA[Been awhile...]]>Wed, 16 Jan 2013 19:36:44 GMThttp://www.theroadscholarz.com/blog/been-awhilePicture
I admit, I never thought it would be this long since I last blogged. Won't even go there with the, "where does the time go?"

My new book should be out next month, which is terribly exciting while also feeling a lot like running down a street naked.  A friend once told me, "You don't finish a book, you abandon it." Like most authors admit, a book is never really finished. And, so be it.

Stay tuned for details as it will be on Amazon.  In the meantime, here's a shot of "winter in San Diego..." Hoping any New Year's goals are keeping you all on your own road!

<![CDATA[Need your help]]>Wed, 05 Sep 2012 19:38:51 GMThttp://www.theroadscholarz.com/blog/need-your-helpPicture
I'm finalizing my book that I've been working on for a bit... need your suggestions as to a great book title and/or if there's something you think of that I should write about... The book is, big surprise, about the RV trip we took, so think of something witty and clever and let me know! You'll get a free copy of the book if you pick the title!!

<![CDATA[Four years ago today...]]>Sun, 02 Sep 2012 15:35:46 GMThttp://www.theroadscholarz.com/blog/four-years-ago-todayPicture
I woke up this morning and thought about four years ago today.  It was September 2, 2008 when the kids and I left on the trip.  Jackson is now 15, Lilly is 13 and Sam is nine.  What a difference. 

I left the house early and went for a walk through our neighborhood thinking about our travels. On my way back I ran into my neighbor, a hero of mine, as she was packing her RV.  "Linda" is probably in her late 70s, a widow, and an avid RV traveler.  As I strolled by her driveway, she was up on a stepstool pouring windshield fluid into her RV.  I offered to help but instead we just chatted for almost 30 minutes about her upcoming trip.

Linda is going alone to Yellowstone, 1100 miles from home.  There she'll camp for eight nights and take in Teton National Park as well.  We swapped stories of different campsites and traveling and happily talked about RV life.  I am, so impressed by her independence and our mutual self-description of the two of us: we concluded that we are either brave or stupid (she used fool-harded) for doing our solo RV adventures.  The big difference is she's in her 70s, and I'm in my 40s.  Linda is my hero.

It felt serendipitous that I see my RV neighbor today, the anniversary of our big trip.  It got me all fired up, for a lot of things, not just traveling...being, doing, being, doing.  Here's to Linda and to a lifetime of adventures for all of us.